For more than a decade, We at Legacy IAS, have been noticing trends of the Mains exam. Firstly, our experts will help the students with not only adhering to the UPSC standard but also with covering the syllabus with greater clarity in a holistic manner. Secondly, students will be provided with considerable experts for each subject to evaluate their answers and provide them with valuable feedback. This will help students in writing appealing answers within time constraints imposed by UPSC. This year, we have also devised the LRP (Legacy realIAStion program) for students which will help them in prelims and Main exam as well. This programme will help in developing an in-depth understanding of topics, enhancing the skill of answer writing and general areas of concern regarding Main Examination. Through this program, we are hoping to address the concerns which were left behind by the test discussion (see below for more information).

Course Features

GS 2

1 Sectional Test(s)


1 Full Length Test(s)

GS 3

1 Sectional Test(s)

GS 1

1 Sectional Test(s)